„Stiftung Livländische Gemeinnützige“ (= Foundation Common Weal) focuses cooperativism and communal institutions in the interest of citizens, in the Eastern Baltic Sea countries, especially in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

This is shown by the documentations on the website of the Foundation.

A short time ago, the Foundation has engaged in a cooperation with „Deutschbaltische Studienstiftung“ (= German Baltic Studies Foundation) and, through this linkage with its brand „Deutschbaltisches Jugendwerk – DBJW“ (= German Baltic Youth Work – see: and also the heading „About us“ on the website of the Foundation).

The first activity within this partnership has been the participation with a presentation on Baltic Cooperativism (see for this the Conference documentation under the heading „Vernetzung“ under ) at the first „German Baltic Conference which took place at Riga in May, last year, under the auspices of the Youth Work.

In the course of the first days of May, this year, a second „German Baltic Conference“ will take place at Tallinn during which the core theme of „Stiftung Livlaendische Gemeinnuetzige“ will be treated again, at this occasion deepened and in a broader frame-work than at the Riga event (see for this the already mentioned website of Youth Work, Programme Cluster A „Mutualism…“ and also on the front page „Deutsch-Baltische Konferenz / German-Baltic Conference Tallinn…“).

At the Riga Conference the Foundation had been granted a brief time for its presentation (through myself, the Founder and Governing Head of its Council).

In view of this fact two papers had been prepared for interested individuals – Conference participants and others – a one-page resume and a detailed write-up.

As an introduction into the Foundation topic – that of the Riga Conference and that which will be handled at Tallinn – both papers have been inserted on the website of the Foundation, but only German part.

It is worth while to make use of these papers, not only in the Baltic region.

Hopefully, a solution will be found for surmounting the language barrier.